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Envirosite Atlas is the newest tool that enables you to view your environmental site assessment data within one platform—saving you time and giving you control over your data review and final deliverables to your clients.

Now, you can quickly map out current environmental records and view past land use reports all in one place.

Data Reporting Image
Data Reporting Image

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Government Environmental Records, Geologic Records, Soils Data, Aerial Photos, USGS Topographic Maps, and Fire Insurance Maps

How to use Envirosite Atlas®

View The Data Your Way

  • Two different environmental site view options: Summary Table and Findings List

  • Hide or show records on the map and in the findings using the Filter Tool

  • View full site details with the click of the mouse or by hovering over a site name

  • Turn sensitive receptors on and off

  • Layers Tools and Opacity sliders give you control

  • View parcel boundaries and adjust USGS layers, flood zones, and more

  • Get elevation data in real-time by clicking on contour lines

  • Use the Groundwater Flow Tool and Filter Tool to identify areas of concern

  • Choose from 4 different background base maps

Easily Customize Report Output for Your Clients

  • Export data into Excel

  • Utilize the built in Figure Generator Tool to create and download your images

  • Download your reports in a snap!*

  • Fast and secure

I love using Envirosite Atlas. The ability to filter databases, toggle layers on and off, and zoom in on aerials is very helpful. Atlas makes my job easier and faster.

- Shane Halvorson, Compliance Centre, Inc.

These are just some of the highlights of this next-gen tool in report review and writing. Experience the power of Envirosite Atlas yourself. Reach out for a demo.

*Download feature includes City Directories, Environmental Lien & AUL Reports, and Chain of Title Reports.