New: Assess Vapor Migration Risk with Our Customizable and User-oriented VEC App Tool

Our next-gen platform just got even better. Now, Envirosite Atlas® gives you the tools you need to comply with both ASTM E1527-21 and ASTM E2600-15.

As part of Envirosite Atlas®, the new VEC App Tool is user-friendly and offers customization for your specific project needs

  • View vapor Area of Concern in a 1/3-mile radius using the VEC groundwater flow tool

  • Easily adjust vapor encroachment parameters and groundwater flow direction

  • Choose to show geologic sites on the map

  • View vapor-mapped sites and access all the details associated with each record

  • Complete the built-in E2600 checklist for any site and add your own notes

  • Use the built-in Report Manager to download your final analysis and findings into the Vapor Encroachment Screening Report

  • Your final report PDF shows soil summary, wetlands, flood zones, aerial photo, topo map, regulatory records, findings, and more.

Envirosite Atlas® enables you to view both your environmental site assessment data and vapor encroachment data within one platform.