Government Environmental Records

Envirosite’s Government Environmental Records Report is used to help assess and manage risk and environmental due diligence. The report accesses information from over 2,000 databases to identify possible environmental concerns associated with a specific commercial property and the surrounding area.

The reports provide you with concise, accurate data so that you can easily identify and pinpoint potential environmental issues and are used throughout the industry for environmental site assessments and Phase I environmental reporting.

Envirosite reports meet ASTM E1527-21 Phase I standard information requirements and are in accordance with the EPA’s “All Appropriate Inquires” Rule (AAI).

Government records include:

  • 2,000 Databases:
    • Federal
    • State
    • Local
    • Tribal
    • Proprietary
  • NPL site boundaries
  • Federal and State PFAS databases (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances)
  • Activity and Use Limitations (AUL)
  • Flood
  • Wetlands
  • Coal Gas Sites
  • Geological:
    • Soil
    • Water
    • Geological gradient
    • Water wells
    • Oil and gas wells
  • Site elevation and in-depth information

With Envirosite, you get accurate data just the way you want it. Our Tiered Government Records options empower you to select between ASTM only databases, or all of Envirosite's databases. We also offer several review/quality checks to choose from. See more about these options here

In addition, the following features offer the flexibility to customize your search:

(Some features only available through the Envirosite WorkBench Solution)

Full Site by Site Customization

  • Select or deselect identified sites as the subject property
  • Update site locations based on site recognizance
  • Add comments and notes to individual data points/sites
  • Modify the system identified gradient
  • Choose to include or exclude individual site data for the report
  • Turn on/off individual sites based on your reporting needs
  • Turn on/off specific database indicators for sites in multiple databases
  • Locate sites that are not able to be geocoded and add to map and report

Ability To Customize Maps

  • Add notes and drawings to the map, if needed.
  • Integrate not only streets but also aerial photography and other imaging to customize your maps included in the final report.

GIS Integration

  • XLS deliverable

Have a project on a large area or linear corridor project greater than 1 mile? Our Area and Corridor Studies support these types of projects — even for non-contiguous properties.