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Solutions Across Industries

We provide a myriad of solutions in support of environmental due diligence and compliance on commercial properties. Industry sectors we serve include environmental consultants and engineers, corporations, environmental attorneys, appraisers and financial institutions. Whether you are performing Phase I Site Assessments or doing desktop reviews and screenings, you can rely on our data to help you assess and manage environmental risk for any scope of project.

Environmental Consultants and Engineers

New competitors, changing economic and regulatory conditions, shifting customer sentiment and demand the Environmental Consulting industry is complex and challenging. To effectively compete, consultants leverage our solutions for quick access to customized detailed environmental data, in order to bid on projects and engage with customers.



Successful transactions and sustained success require timely accurate data. Financial institutions depend on Envirosite to simplify their environmental due diligence and risk management by delivering insight, with easy to use reports that identify potential property and company risks, which could ultimately affect their business and bottom line.



Insurers are well-versed in underwriting and managing risk and need well-constructed data and research solutions to help limit their exposure due to environmental issues on a property or adjacent to it. Envirosite provides insurers with cost-effective solutions to support their underwriting process so that they can make accurate, quick decisions on commercial properties.



Corporations need to know they are acting with the full knowledge and understanding of possible environmental impacts on real estate transactions, mergers, and acquisitions. Envirosite provides our corporate customers with relevant real-time data, so they are never at risk of basing critical decisions on incomplete or inaccurate information.



Envirosite provides law firms with access to critical environmental data and reports so they can help their clients minimize risk, avoid potential liability and make informed decisions on real estate transactions and investments.



Envirosite plays a critical role in helping appraisers value property in the commercial lending process. Our solutions provide the immediate turn around time they need to deliver their objective, unbiased opinion on the value of a commercial property.



Government agencies including State, City, County, and Municipality engage in the planning of infrastructure, development, assessment of brownfields for redevelopment, acquisition and or transfer of real property as well as other environmental assessment projects. Envirosite can help you uncover critical environmental information necessary to make informed decisions related to these efforts. By providing you with quick, fast and on-time datasets with maps designed to help you understand historical use, potential adverse environmental impact and next steps.