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Comprehensive Environmental Data and Historical Research that Provides Faster Time to Insight

Our innovative technology platform and industry expertise provide the most comprehensive environmental data reporting with the fastest turnaround times. Our government environmental records are sourced from an expansive pool of over 2,000 databases and our reports are both ASTM E1527-21 and AAI-compliant. We also offer a full suite of environmental historical research reports as well as screening tools on companies and properties. Whether you are performing Phase I environmental site assessments, transactional screenings, RSRA/Desktop reviews, or need an Area/Corridor Study, we've got you covered.

Envirosite develops
next generation
environmental data
reporting solutions for:

  • Environmental Risk Management

  • Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments

  • RSRA/Desktop Reviews

  • Loan or Insurance Assessment

  • Legal & Environmental Due Diligence

  • Area Corridor Study

  • Transactional Screening

Environmental Data Insights that Inform Decisions

Envirosite solutions provide the most accurate reports and historical property use information to assist stakeholders in understanding current environmental conditions and past property uses, helping them develop detailed and solid conclusions in their screening, research or environmental risk assessment reports. Contact us today to setup a demo or to discuss your requirements.

Envirosite Atlas®

With our newest innovation, you can quickly view all of your environmental site assessment data within one platform. This next-gen tool includes a map opacity slider, annotation tools, a built-in figure generator, groundwater flow tools, and more.


Government Environmental Records

Provides ASTM E1527-21 and "All Appropriate Inquiry" (AAI) compliant data that assists in identifying existing or potential environmental concerns–a requirement for many commercial real estate transactions.


Platinum Review

A manual review service that saves environmental professionals time spent validating site locations and distances during report writing and analysis.


Area and Corridor Studies

Our Area & Corridor Study reports are designed to support all large area and linear corridor projects that are greater than 1 mile — including non-contiguous projects.


Historic Topographic Maps

Topographic maps to serve as trusted historical resources and are used frequently to aid in the environmental site assessment process.


Historic Aerial Photos

Historic Aerial Photos are acquired from a variety of sources to provide quality land use imagery that spans decades to aid you in your environmental investigations.


City Directories

A valuable historical research tool, our City Directories Report leverages a proprietary database of over one billion records to identify current and former occupants, owners, business names and prior use of specific addresses of properties over of time.


Fire Insurance Maps

Fire Insurance Maps date back over a century and are rich with valuable detailed information, depicting urban and industrial areas, building footprints and construction.


Environmental Lien & AUL Report

Environmental Lien & AUL Reports help determine if there are any debts attached to the title of a property or debts that had previously been attached.


Chain of Title Report

A valuable tool to identify and document past owners of a property. Serving as a property’s historical ownership timeline it is based on local land records.


Envirosite Screen

Quickly view properties for potential environmental risks and issues. This is the perfect solution for lenders, investors, and insurers who need concise, easy to synthesize information.


Envirosite Search

Searches over 2,000 databases and provides on-demand 24/7 property/site or company research allowing you to respond quickly to shifting priorities.


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Same Level of Detail

Our product bundling options allow you to choose the products that fit your requirements.