Fire Insurance Maps

Fire insurance maps have existed for well over a century and date back to the 1800s. The details in the maps depict urban and industrial areas such as roads, railroad tracks, building footprints and building construction, as well as building occupants and property uses. Additionally, these maps indicate locations of wells, storage tanks containing chemicals, and raw material storage.

Today we work with Historical Information Gatherers to provide digitized maps that can be used to reference the evolution of a specific property, what was present on the property and the past use.

Key Features:

  • Digital images of fire insurance maps, atlases, and other similar maps for your site 
  • Digital Map images in color or grayscale for optimum detail preservation.
  • Maps from a variety of publishers are included.
Fire Insurance Maps image

Minneapolis 1912 Color Sanborn

Fire Insurance Maps image

Minneapolis 1963 Grayscale Sanborn