Environmental Lien & AUL Report

The Environmental Lien and Activity/Use (AUL) Limitation Report is a screening tool designed to assist in evaluating past use of a specific parcel(s) and includes a review of the local land records for liens and AULs.

The ASTM E1527-21 Standard states that, "...land title search information reports shall review land title records for documents recorded between 1980 and the present."

With Envirosite, you have two Environmental Lien and AUL Report search options to choose from: 

  • ASTM-compliant search back to 1980
  • Search of current deed (additional deeds can be added)

Key Features:

  • Reports environmental liens recorded in the local land records office filed on the subject property 
  • Reports activity and use limitations, environmental encumbrances, institutional and engineering controls filed on the subject property  
  • Lists the owner of record and details of the last title transaction for the subject property
  • Includes a legal description of the subject property
  • Includes a copy of the most recent deed or legal document transferring title–when available
  • Documents the specific local office or agency that is responsible for the recording of land title documents