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Groundwater Flow Tool Embedded in Envirosite Atlas

January 13 2022

We are excited to announce that we have embedded a Groundwater Flow Tool within our next-gen Envirosite Atlas™ platform. Now, environmental professionals can easily identify areas of concern with the Groundwater Flow Tool and Filter Tool as part of their workflow.

The Groundwater Flow Tool can be used to set or modify the groundwater flow direction and identify mapped sites that fall in the resulting up-gradient, cross-gradient, and down-gradient quadrants. The local groundwater flow direction should be obtained from the state aquifer flow maps or determined by a qualified environmental professional.


Watch The Video Here:


About Envirosite Atlas™

The Envirosite Atlas platform enables you to view your environmental site assessment data all in one place - saving you time and giving you control over your data review and final deliverables to your clients. You can quickly map out current environmental records and view past land use reports within the platform: Government environmental records - including area/corridor studies, geologic records, soils data, and all of the required, standard historical land use reports. And now it includes a Groundwater Flow Tool.

For more information about Envirosite Atlas features or how to use the Groundwater Flow Tool, reach out to our team at any time.