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Hurricane Laura’s Storm Surge impacting areas in Louisiana and Texas

September 17 2020

Envirosite Provides Environmental Data to
Aid in Hurricane Laura Cleanup Efforts.



Hurricane Laura made landfall on August 27 at 1 am CDT near Cameron, Louisiana, as a Category 4 hurricane with winds raging at 150 mph. The National Hurricane Center published Hurricane Laura storm surge maps for Louisiana and Texas. During catastrophic weather events, we believe it is our civic duty to provide free maps on the impacted areas. We combined the National Hurricane Center's Storm Surge data with Envirosite's extensive environmental and geospatial data sets to help aid public officials and environmental professionals.

The Storm Surge impact analysis indicates the highest number of contaminated sites at risk of flooding in Louisiana were in Calcasieu, Cameron, Jefferson Davis, Terrebonne, and Vermilion Parishes. For Texas, the highest number of contaminated sites at risk were in Orange and Jefferson Counties.


Figure 1:  Contaminated Sites in the inundated areas lining the coast of Louisiana


Figure 2:  Contaminated Sites in the inundated areas in Jefferson and Orange Counties in Texas.


The affected area maps are available for Louisiana and Texas.

The Envirosite contaminated and regulated sites data -- related to Hurricane Laura can be downloaded here.



Hurricane Laura Sites kmz 

Louisiana sites     Texas sites  
LA Group/Subgroup  Count   TX Group/Subgroup  Count
Superfund NPL, NPL-Related  135   Superfund NPL, NPL-Related  64
State Hazardous Waste sites  23   State Hazardous Waste sites  40
Brownfields   5   Brownfields 3
Spills, Other contaminated sites  897   Spills, Other contaminated sites  142
RCRA Regulated sites  63   RCRA Regulated sites 123
Above Ground Storage Tanks (bulk storage)  45   Above Ground Storage Tanks (bulk storage)  112
Gas Stations and Underground Storage Tanks  86   Gas Stations and Underground Storage Tanks 396
Other potentially contaminated sites  0   Other potentially contaminated sites  427
Grand Total  1254    Grand Total  1307


Hurricane Laura Inundation kmz

Here is the legend for the NHC Potential Storm Surge Flooding Map

1 = 0 to 1 foot above ground
2 = Greater than 1 foot above ground
3 = Greater than 3 feet above ground
4 = Greater than 6 feet above ground
5 = Greater than 9 feet above ground



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