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Envirosite: Year in Review

Posted by Brett Dehler February 8, 2022

At Envirosite, making the work of environmental professionals easier is what drives our innovations each and every day.

Our team listens to our customers and takes feedback to heart. We survey our customers annually to get a gauge of how we are meeting expectations, as well as receive feedback – the good as well as the “could use improvement.”

We conducted our latest customer survey in December of 2021 and appreciated everyone who took the time to provide feedback. In a ranking of what features environmental professionals value most in an environmental data service provide, quality of data, followed by report turnaround times were at the top of the list.

Great News: We believe we have the highest quality and most robust data in the industry (we added sixty-two new datasets last year alone), and our environmental government records reports are delivered to our customers within hours.

2021 was a year of milestones. For the industry at large, the ASTM E 1527-21 went into effect. At Envirosite, we launched the next-gen platform, Envirosite Atlas™ that drops all of your environmental site assessment reports into one platform for easy review. Soon after launch, we embedded Groundwater Flow Tools enabling consultants to easily identify areas of concern.

Survey results showed 100% of customers utilizing Envirosite Atlas agreed that the platform saves them time, is easy to use, and makes them more efficient. We are thrilled that the new platform is helping our clients be more efficient in the way that we intended for it to.

Here is a quick video recap of highlights and enhancements from the past twelve months:


We are looking forward to continuing to serve our clients and innovate, and we have so many features planned that we cannot wait to show you.

As always, please feel free to reach out to the Envirosite Team with any feedback or questions – at any time. We love hearing from you.

Wishing you a great 2022,

Niem Tash
COO Envirosite Corp.



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