Frequently Asked Questions

We truly value our customers, and it is our goal to ensure your concerns are addressed as promptly as possible. On this page, you may find answers to anticipated questions that you may have for us. If your concern is not addressed below, please feel free to contact us.

General Service Questions

I Have Trouble Logging In.

Passwords are case sensitive. We suggest you first check if your "caps lock" is on. If it still does not work, please click the "reset your password" link and follow the prompts. If you are still having difficulty, contact us and we will help you resolve the issue immediately.

Is Your Service Transactional or Subscription Based?

The majority of our products can be purchased on a transactional basis (per property). For products that are typically used for multiple locations or companies for screening, such as Envirosite Search and Envirosite Screen, they are available on a subscription basis to provide you with the best value. Please note that Envirosite does not require contracts to work with us.

Do I Have Access to The Data I Need, Anytime?

You have 24/7 real-time access to your data through our online platforms. Rare occurrences of scheduled site maintenance happen during off-business hours, and you will be given advanced notice.

Product Questions

Do Your Government Environmental Records Reports Meet Industry Standards?

Yes. Our Government Environmental Records Reports access information from over 2,000 databases from Federal, State, Local, Tribal and Proprietary sources. Envirosite reports meet ASTM E1527-21 Phase I Standard information requirements and are in accordance with the EPAs "All Appropriate Inquiries" Rule (AAI).

Do You Offer Report Bundling Options?

Yes. We offer several bundling options. You can choose our Governmental Environmental Records with 2, 3, or 4 historical reports. Your dedicated Envirosite representative can discuss these options with you and set you up with pricing.

Can I Customize My Government Records Reports?

We know that each one of our customers has different, unique preferences for the data that they want to receive. That’s why we have put together several tiered options to choose from that can be set up as a default for your account. You can choose to receive ASTM only databases only, or all of our databases plus geological data (at no additional cost). As part of our Tired Government Records Suite, our Platinum Review location verification is manually performed and now goes out to 1/2 mile from the subject property.

What Is the Difference Between Your Online Platforms?

Envirosite WorkBench enables you to view, modify, and research Government Environmental Records on and surrounding your subject property at time of order. Envirosite Atlas, our latest innovation, is used to review and interact with the data in one platform one the order is complete. Here is a snapshot of the two platforms.

What If I Have a Large Project Greater Than 1 Square Mile?

Our Area & Corridor Study Studies are designed to support all large and linear corridor projects that are greater than 1 mile – including non-contiguous projects, and include all of the databases that are searched for in our Government Environmental Records Reports and can include geological records, at no extra cost. In addition, the data records and aerial photos can be easily imported into your GIS file.

Do You Have a Report Writing Tool?

Our reports integrate with Quire — the leading open platform for report writing. With Envirosite + Quire, you get integrated ordering and data flow of database reports, aerial photographs, maps, and other reports directly to the Quire report editor.

I Do Not See a Solution That I Need.

We are continually innovating and while our solutions are not bespoke, we certainly work with our customers to understand and address their requirements. Please contact your sales/customer support representative if you need a solution that is not listed on our website.