Interactive Data that Supports Your Workflow

WorkBench Transforms Data Delivery
in One Simple Yet Powerful Solution

WorkBench allows environmental professionals to compile all of their data and historical research and view within a single web-based application. This significantly cuts down the review time while providing extremely accurate reports. Contact us today to request a demo.

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Envirosite WorkBench has combined years of environmental data expertise and innovation to provide you with a flexible web-based delivery platform that is dynamic, customizable and with reporting available 24/7 your data and research are delivered exactly when you need it. Our sophisticated solution easily fits within the fabric of your workflow, allowing you to become more interactive with your data. WorkBench reports gather data from over 1,800 current databases to provide you with environmental data and reports all in one location. Customers throughout the U.S. depend on Envirosite's WorkBench solution to enhance their processes and make transformative business decisions.

A single dashboard allows you to manage and analyze data for:

Increase Productivity with Customized
Features that Simplify Your Workflow

WorkBench's advanced platform provides alternatives for customization like adding notes to a given data point, filtering the presence of sites in a report (individually or by database), modifying a site's gradient versus subject property, and integrating historical data with current records. WorkBench allows these, PLUS many other features that let you view, interpret, and manipulate data in accordance with your objectives.

WorkBench Features

  • Rapid report generation and real-time delivery of Government Environmental Records and Topos

  • 24/7 Access

  • Customization features to meet unique requirements

  • Data sourced from 1,800+ databases

  • Geological information included at no additional cost

  • Timely updates of data and new data sources that are in accordance with ASTM E1527-13 and AAI

Full Site-By-Site Customization

  • Select/Deselect subject property "hits" - Allows a qualified professional to determine which sites are considered subject property and which are not.

  • Add "notes" to a given data point on reports - Offers the capability to add comments and additional information, or explain your recommendation on a given site in the report.

  • Modify site's gradient versus subject property - Because the GIS data available for determining gradient is not as precise as you would like, you have the ability to modify the computer's findings utilizing your field observations.

  • Customize content inclusion of individual site data for report generator - To help manage the size of your report, we offer the ability for customization of output to include the content you need and remove content you don't.

  • Turn off individual sites - Because of your local knowledge and observation during your visit to the site; you may identify individual sites in a report that should not be present.

  • Turn off "sites" by database - Provides the option to include a specific database in your report anytime during the process, not only at the time the order is placed.

  • Locate "unmappable" sites - Allows you to map sites that were once "unmappable" using your local knowledge or information from your visit to the site.

Integrated Current/Historical

  • The transition between imagery year by year for a given content layer - View sites on a historical topographic map or historical aerial image while identifying or analyzing changes in the landscape over a period of time across all image layers.

  • View historical imagery integrated with current records - View present government records not only on current imagery and streets but also on historical imagery.