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Typical environmental data reports are highly specialized and can be very long and difficult to interpret. The Envirobility Open Environmental Data Platform is unique. It provides a framework that merges a variety of datasets from local, state, and federal sources to create streamlined environmental risk reports based on a specific subject property.

These reports provide a snapshot of environmental conditions and activities on the subject property and the surrounding area, such as contamination due to hazardous waste activities, leaking underground storage tank incidents, and sites potentially result in an adverse environmental impact. Envirobility features a user-friendly dashboard and a tiered report ordering system based on subject property.

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ENVIROBILITY provides environmental reports with four distinct categories:

CATEGORY 1: High Impact Environmental Sites
Datasets include contaminated sites/properties listed at the national, state, and/or local level, as well as "Superfund Sites" for which cleanup efforts involve the federal government.

CATEGORY 2: Known or Suspected Environmental Contamination Sites
Typically managed by the state, these include properties, such as "Brownfield Sites," for which the expansion, development, or reuse process may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant.

CATEGORY 3: Incidents or Spills Sites
Includes federal, state and local sites where environmental incidents have occurred that may or may not have resulted in an environmental issue.

CATEGORY 4: Sites with Potential Environmental Impact Activities
Identifies locations with a registration or permit where there are activities that could pose a potential risk to the environment, such as gas stations, automotive service centers, dry cleaners, and manufacturers.