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Emergency Response Data

October 7 2022

On September 28th, Hurricane Ian made landfall as a Category 4 on Florida’s southwest coast wreaking havoc and destruction to residents and buildings, with millions out of power and access to fresh water. In particular, Lee County (Fort Myers and Sanibel Island) were hit hardest, with the Sanibel Causeway and Pine Island Bridge destroyed.

As the extent of the damage is still being assessed, it appears that there will be a long road to recovery for the area. Envirosite would like to extend our help by offering data to those that need it in the emergency response process.

Envirosite has comprehensive environmental and geospatial data sets to help aid public officials and environmental professionals. When combined with the National Hurricane Center's Storm Surge data, we can provide geospatial data files that will indicate the number, location, and types of contaminated sites for the flooded areas. If you are interested in a Storm Surge Impact Analysis for an area, please contact us.