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Envirosite, an ADEC Innovation, Launches New Platform for Environmental Data Review and Analysis

September 21 2021

Shelton, CT — September 21, 2021 — Envirosite Corporation, an ADEC Innovations company and national provider of environmental data solutions, today announced it has launched a new platform, Envirosite Atlas™. The platform was built for environmental professionals in order to give them control over their due diligence data review and analysis by providing easy customizable views of the information, saving them time. Now, Envirosite clients can receive and review all of their data in a secure, online, easy-to-use platform.

With Envirosite Atlas, users can quickly map out current environmental records and view past land use reports in real time, all in one place. Just a few of the features within the platform include the ability to filter by environmental database, distance, and elevation relative to the subject property; geologic data and soils details, historical map overlays, a map opacity slider, and annotation tools. The built-in figure generator tool can be used to easily create and download images.  

James Donovan, CEO of ADEC Innovations, says "This is an exciting milestone for Envirosite. With our comprehensive and accurate data now embedded into a single platform, our clients can customize the way they view and analyze the data." Donovan continues, "We are continuously innovating in order to make our clients' work faster and easier. This new platform, coupled with our best-in-class customer care team, enables us to bring even more value to our clients and the environmental due diligence industry as a whole."

The Envirosite Atlas platform integrates the company's full suite of ASTM E1527 and EPA's All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) compliant data offerings that are selected: Government environmental records - including area/corridor studies, geologic records, soils data, and all of the required, standard historical land use reports.

About Envirosite Corporation

Envirosite is a data solutions company that develops breakthrough technology enabling stakeholders to put environmental data into action. Our solutions are used throughout the industry for environmental risk management, site assessments, due diligence and research on commercial properties and companies. By uniting years of industry experience with innovative technical expertise, our responsive, cost-effective solutions provide stakeholders with the ability to harness multiple sources of environmental data quickly so they can explore it at scale to uncover business-critical insights.

About ADEC Innovations

ADEC Innovations is a world leader in designing, developing, and delivering innovative solutions and services in critical areas in sustainable development, i.e., ESG, healthcare and knowledge management. Since 1996, ADEC Innovations has advanced sustainable practices around the world and helped organizations grow and operate responsibly. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with regional operations and a network of thousands of employees across 17 countries and 6 continents, ADEC Innovations works with governments, coalitions, and businesses to help organizations meet their evolving needs and drive performance in a world where sustainability matters.