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Envirosite Launches 3 New Enhancements

December 11 2020

We’ve launched 3 new enhancements to our Government Environmental Records Reports



We are excited to announce the most recent enhancements we’ve made to our Government Environmental Records Reports that make your data more current, your radius search more accurate, and your report review easier.


More current data
We have sped up our process for collecting agency data, resulting in the most up- to-date government records information in your reports with most databases updated every 20 days


Improved geocoding
When possible, sites are now plotted on the rooftop vs. the street address making your radius search more accurate




Improved geocoding

Smaller reports and easier review
Database hits with the same latitude/longitude are now linked together – even with different site names or slightly different address spellings




Login to your Envirosite account and experience these enhancements with your next Government Environmental Records Report.