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Envirosite Ranked Top Environmental Data Management Solution

March 23 2017

Westport, CT – March 30th, 2017 – Envirosite Corporation, a leading provider of environmental data solutions, ranks as one of the most prominent Environmental Data Management solutions in the Verdantix, Smart Innovators: Environmental Data Management Software report, published on March 27th,  2017. Verdantix defines Environmental Data Management (EDM) Software as, “site-centric software applications that aggregate, analyze, map and model environmental data for pollution, control, remediation projects, and environmental risk management.”

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace it is imperative that professionals have the power from a variety of data points at their fingertips to conduct property due diligence, compliance, minimize environmental risk and make informed business decisions. The Smart Innovator’s report points out that Envirosite’s data solutions provide critical current and historical environmental information to “support environmental analysis, establish a baseline on a site’s condition and assist in the due diligence process.”

“Collecting and reporting on site-level compliance is a challenge, and environmental remediation laws drive a need for robust EDM,” said Isabel Velasco, EHS Analyst at Verdantix.  “For example, in many instances construction permitting, remediation and decommissioning projects require historical data on a site promptly – and this can be a difficult task as data volumes explode. Envirosite’s data solutions facilitate upstream data acquisition and aggregation efficiently and cost-effectively.”

Envirosite is constantly working to improve and expand our data platform services to help our customers meet the fast changing demands and challenges of environmental due diligence and risk management.  As a cornerstone of our company vision, Envirosite will continue to strive as a leading innovative data provider while maintaining fundamental commitment to our customer service.

About Envirosite

Envirosite is a data solutions company that develops breakthrough technology that enables stakeholders to put environmental data into action. Our solutions are used throughout the industry for environmental risk management, site assessments, due diligence and research on commercial properties and companies. By uniting years of industry experience with innovative technical expertise, our responsive, cost-effective solutions provide stakeholders with the ability to harness multiple sources of environmental data quickly so they can explore it at scale to uncover business-critical insights. 

About Verdantix

Verdantix is an independent research and consulting firm with expertise in environment, health, safety and quality as well as energy, real estate, facilities, and maintenance. Verdantix’s research and advisory services help corporate managers, investors, technology executives and service firm leaders make robust, fact-based decisions. For more information about Verdantix visit