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A Message from our Chief Growth Officer, Christopher "CJ" Johnson.

Posted by Brett Dehler May 11, 2022


I am thrilled to have joined Envirosite as Chief Growth Officer. In this role, my focus is on product development, technology innovation, and the client – your – experience.

Having performed over 10,000 environmental and remediation projects in my career, I was keen to join Envirosite due to the company’s mission and what we offer to the industry: Innovative technology platforms, superior data sets, the fastest turnaround times, and top-notch customer service.

As a Certified Hazardous Material Manager (CHMM) and prop-tech innovator, I know first-hand how important it is to have a data provider who can deliver comprehensive, reliable, and actionable data through a user-friendly, high-tech platform that enables environmental professionals to do their job better and faster.

When I partnered with Envirosite for my environmental data, I was realizing 30% of time savings on my workflow processes, which allowed me to fast-track report completion, deliver projects ahead of schedule, and increase my clients’ satisfaction. This enabled me to grow revenue, increase my market share, and achieve exponential growth. Now, as the new CGO of Envirosite, I am on a mission to share with the industry how Envirosite can help them like it did me.

At Envirosite, we believe our job is provide the best tools and services to help our clients be more efficient and competitive in the market. In fact, we recently expanded our manual site review out to ½ mile with our Platinum Review service, saving clients hours of time reconciling database hits.

We are flexible in our solutions and do not nickel and dime our clients when we enhance our services. Here are just a few examples of note:

  • Do you want geological records included in your reports? If so, you can choose to add them at no additional cost. With our Tiered Government Records Suite, the data in your final reports is customizable to suit your project needs, depending on your project scope.
  • Our next-gen workflow platform, Envirosite Atlas®, was launched in the fall of 2021 and enables you to receive, review and analyze your final reports and data in one location. Since initial launch we have added a groundwater flow tool and have exciting new add-ons we are close to announcing.
  • Doing city directory research? We have been including adjacent properties, when available, at no cost. In fact, we have been offering this service prior to the ASTM E 1527-21 guidelines, because it just makes due diligence sense.
  • Our PFAS data set is the most robust in the industry and includes three federal sources as well as individual state datasets.

I am committed to continuing the momentum of innovating and providing the best products and services to save our clients time and money, while providing ease of use and flexibility.

Whether we have worked together in the past, or have yet to meet, I would love to connect and hear your feedback and suggestions as to how we can best serve you. My “door” is always open.

Exciting times ahead,

Christopher “CJ” Johnson


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