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Disaster Response Center

Posted by Jennifer Spitler October 23, 2019

Environmental data plays a critical role in assessing potential environmental risks and exposure when areas are threatened by severe weather and land events such as flooding and earthquakes. Envirosite’s Disaster Response Data gives access to expansive environmental and geospatial data sets that serve to help professionals make critical decisions in their time of need. When these events happen, we believe it is our civic duty to provide the environmental hazards data within an impacted area publicly.

Some Background:

Our team continually monitors situations around the U.S. to identify where disaster events may impact environmental hazards, and post data that corresponds to the impacted area.  We have been providing access to such data for impacted areas since 2017.  We have since created a centralized location to give decision-makers a destination to open-data access that can be easily followed and utilized during the response and recovery phase.

Available Data and Past Coverage

Data availability is managed to prevent it from becoming outdated and monitored to ensure that it is being used by parties for the sole purpose of protecting the well-being and safety of people and property in the affected areas.  Below is the list of events that Envirosite has made available data sets for evaluation purposes using Google Earth. Each entry is identified with the event name, date, location of coverage and data availability.

Events/Impacted Areas

Hurricane Dorian - Sept 2019: Recap & Data

  • State(s) Covered: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina
  • Data Coverage:
    • Superfund NPL and NPL related
    • State Hazardous Waste, landfills
    • Brownfields
    • RCRA – related treatment/storage/disposal
    • Above Ground Storage Tanks (bulk storage)
    • Gas Stations and Underground Storage Tanks
    • Other potentially contaminated sites



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