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Free Data For Assessing Risk from Hurricane Irma

July 15, 2019

Free Environmental Data to Help Assess Risk on Florida's West Coast

Although Florida's petrochemical footprint isn't as nearly as large as Houston's, it still contains numerous contaminated and regulated sites.  According to Jennifer Rubiello, state director for Environment Florida, "industrial sites are poorly regulated and even well-regulated sites can and do fail." reports that "Port Tampa Bay alone handles ammonia, unleaded gasoline, sulfuric acid, and ethanol." It is hard to estimate at this early stage the environmental implications brought on by the storm, but it is clear that the threat of chemical fallout is real.

In order to assist city officials and environmental professionals tasked with assessing the situation, the Envirosite team has published a series of maps depicting the areas on Florida's West Coast that were hardest hit by Hurricane Irma. The Envirosite maps provide vital information and users can zoom in to view the following:

  • Flood Zones 100yr/500yr
  • Contaminated Sites
  • Regulated Sites


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