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Adding Envirosite Screen into Your Services Can be a Lucrative New Revenue Stream

July 15, 2019

Here’s how Envirosite can help…

According to Envirosite surveys, about 84 percent of EPs are considering how they can expand their services, while 77 percent agreed that including an initial screening service could provide a competitive advantage. It’s clear that screening represents a great opportunity for EPs to increase market share and open up a new revenue stream.

Envirosite’s Screen solution was developed to assist EPs in delivering a new service to their clients. The Screen report can be utilized as a due diligence tool, providing an initial early indicator of potential environmental concerns on properties – when coupled with an EP’s professional opinion. This solution potentially opens up a new revenue stream for EPs who are currently not involved in the initial screening process. This solution literally gets them a “foot-in-the-door” so to speak and potentially uncovers new opportunities.

Screening Plus Professional Opinion Equals Added Value to Lenders

Simple screening reports, with your professional opinion, are very useful for a variety of clients, but even more attractive and valuable to financial institutions. In this case, being able to provide a lender with a quick view of potential environmental concerns, will, in turn, support further due diligence. This increase in the scale of services enables an EP to become more competitive, build stronger relationships with clients and potentially secure future projects.

Envirosite Screen can cost-effectively augment your services with fast and accurate data on a property and its surrounding area. Here are a few key features:

  • Brand the Screen Report with Your Logo
    Prominently display your logo on the Screen report for a customer-facing product

  • Get INSTANT Access to Site Details
    Interactive map allows you to view important site information upon hover to help aid in opinion

  • Prompt Delivery of Screen Accurate Data
    Screen report goes through our rigorous QA process and is delivered within just a few minutes

Whether you aim to create a large-scale adoption of screening across hundreds of projects or define this service to just a chosen few, it’s important to know that Envirosite will cost-effectively support an EP’s short and long-term goals.  Organizations looking to expand their services will find success in deploying the Envirosite Screen solution, bringing not only a new value to service offerings, but an increase in profit margins.

Test drive Envirosite Screen and see for yourself! Sign up for a complimentary product evaluation.

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