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A Closer Look at Envirosite's iPDF

June 30, 2019

When we embarked on the iPDF development project we met with numerous customers to understand their use cases and some of the pain points they experience when reviewing environmental data reports. What we learned: EPs needed our help to save time. That journey reminded us that efficiency is the name of the game and having quick access to accurate environmental data was paramount.

With this understanding we developed the iPDF tool, deploying it across all Envirosite reports. What made this product enhancement powerful is we had keen insight into how our customers were using the reports and knew what time-saving features to incorporate. Since the launch of the iPDF we have been inundated with success stories. Our customers have experienced a significant increase in productivity. In fact, our product satisfaction surveys reflect that the typical time it takes to conduct a site assessment when using the iPDF tool has decreased by 20 minutes!

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Some Key Features

Map Layers

Within the iPDF bookmarks, you will find the Map Layers link. This link is designed to enhance the usability of Envirosite reports, increasing efficiency and saving review time.

Map Layers can easily be turned off and on based on your needs. The interactive map – shown below – depicts a one-mile radius view from your subject property.


The Topographic Map view is the default view:


You can also view Street and Current Aerial Photo layers:



Map Layers - Wetlands

The Map Layers also contain State and National Wetlands Inventory:


Map Layers - Flood Zones

You can also review 500 Year and 100 Year Flood Zones that are on or near your subject property:



Map Layers - Elevation Records

The Map Layers also allow you to tailor your search by elevation – choosing to view only those sites of lower elevation, equal to or higher elevation, or both:



Site Details and Map Findings

If you would like to review details of the surrounding sites, simply click on a site icon and to view the site details within the Map Findings section of the report.

You can also review site details under the Map Findings bookmark. Here you can scroll through all the sites that are depicted on the map.



Thank You

We hope you find our new iPDF useful, and we are excited about the continued investment in this feature, providing, even more, functionality to our customers. The good news is we are always developing to bring more value with each enhancement. If there are key capabilities you would like to see, let us know by submitting your comments to our development team. At Envirosite, we strive to deliver product enhancements that solve real problems and your guidance and feedback is always welcome!

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