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Does Your "Partnership" with your Data Provider Have You Handcuffed?

August 9, 2018

Most of us do not like being locked into long-term exclusive contracts. So why are Environmental Data providers continually pushing their customers in this direction?

It is not uncommon today for companies to lure customers in under the guise of guaranteed low pricing accompanied by a year–or more–of a locked contract. Normally we hate being locked in contracts, whether it be a cell phone, cable packages, or gym memberships. Moreover, in business, this sentiment is amplified. We want to be comfortable, doing what works for us as a business and it is not always easy to predict requirements a year(s) out. Plus what if the quality of service takes a nosedive or we find more competitive pricing elsewhere? Not to mention that it is pretty annoying when you do not need a company’s services or solutions anymore or as often, and you let them know, only to have them dangle that commitment over your head.

There’s nothing worse than that “stuck” feeling, being bound to a company for services you may no longer need or want. On the flip side, companies are more than happy to charge you if you go over your quota or need additional services, but not likely to forgo payment or be willing to renegotiate an existing contract. The benefit of these types of agreements are clearly one-sided, and more often than not, it is the Data Provider who comes out on top.

What should you look for in an Environmental Data Provider?

  1. Identify pain points with your current provider: What do you not like about your current provider (turnaround time, customer service, quality).

  2. The A-Team: You want a data provider with extensive experience and knows your industry.

  3. Flexibility: Are you concerned about meeting your quota? What if a project does not come in? Search for providers who focus on meeting your immediate requirements and who are not distracted with your potential projects/business down the road.

  4. Stipulate service level agreements (SLA): What exactly are you getting out of your contract or exclusive agreement? Are you able to receive the same pricing even if quota drops? Can you terminate at any time without incurring additional fees? What is typical turnaround time on reports? What protocol is in place if you need a report over the weekend or within a few hours?

Want a lasting business relationship founded on quality and service, without the commitment?

At Envirosite we believe companies should deliver value and establish a partnership with customers–without asking for an exclusive long-term contract. If a company offers a solution that brings great value and customer service to your business than an exclusive long-term contract is not necessary. A satisfied customer will keep coming back! Which is why we strive to meet your needs; not force you to accept our services and solutions even when you do not need them anymore or as often. We understand that your business is dynamic and things change, and throughout the course of a year, you may need to adjust to reflect a different type of volume. That is why we consider ourselves a flexible partner, giving you the autonomy to use our solutions based on your requirements and business needs.

We stand behind the merits of our services and solutions. Our consistency in being focused on our guarantees, immediate response time, and a high degree of service leads to loyalty, and an exclusive long-term contract often never even becomes a consideration. Now the real question is, would your Environmental Data provider give you the same quality, service, and competitive pricing, without the “exclusivity” contract?


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