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Envirosite Provides Data for Hurricane Impacted Areas

September 11 2017

Providing Free Environmental Data to Aid During Hurricane Recovery

Envirosite has published free environmental data to assist in the recovery efforts from major hurricanes impacting the United States. Although skies clear and flood waters recede what the storm leaves behind is devastating. Which is why the Envirosite team has pledged to do our part in helping affected areas throughout the United States. 

We know that our environmental data plays a critical role in assessing potential environmental risks. In addition, we have access to expansive environmental and geospatial data sets, to help aid environmental professionals and public officials. During catastrophic weather events, we believe it is our civic duty to provide free maps of the impacted areas.

The Envirosite maps can be downloaded and depict flood zones, contaminated and regulated sites. Our maps allow users to zoom into detailed information in order to assess environmental conditions.


Map 1 - Harris County TX

Map 2 - Baytown - Texas City

Map 3 - Beaumont - Port Arthur

The Envirosite maps depict data from the following environmental databases:


HURRICANE IRMA - Florida 9/2017

Map 1 - Fort Lauderdale/Miami 

Map 2 - Palm City/Boca Raton 

Map 3 - Orlando/Jupiter 

Map 4 - Tampa


Map 5 - Gainesville/Jacksonville 

Map 6 - Fort Myers 

Map 7 - Pensacola/Panama City