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Envirosite Publishes Free Data to Assist in Recovery Efforts After Hurricane Irma

Posted by Mark Cerino September 11, 2017

Providing Free Environmental Data in Order to Aid the Impacted Communities on the East Coast and Central Florida

Although the storm with its 125 mph winds shifted its track away from Florida’s east coast, the impact was still considerable with storm surge and damage from high winds.

When a catastrophic event such as this occurs the Envirosite team strives to provide as much environmental data coverage as possible. In order to assist the state of Florida after the devastating Hurricane Irma, the Envirosite team has published a series of maps. Our maps provide full coverage of the impacted areas throughout the state, in order to assess potential environmental risks.

The following maps depict the Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Palm City/Boca Raton, Orlando/Jupiter and Gainesville/Jacksonville areas.

Users can zoom in to view the following information:

  • Flood Zones 100yr/500yr
  • Contaminated Sites
  • Regulated Sites

Download map of Miami/Fort Lauderdale

Download map of Palm City/Boca Raton

Download map of Orlando/Jupiter

Download map of Gainesville/Jacksonville

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